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Advanced Field Botany

University of Idaho field campus in McCall, ID

Dave put this course together back in 2013 and it's been growing ever since! If you want to get to know the local flora, get experience doing field collections, and generally improve your plant-ID skills, you should really check this course and the videos out!


During my masters, my PhD, my work for the Forest Service, and as a collector for various herbaria that I've worked for, I've been lucky enough to do fieldwork all over North America. The summer of 2014 was a particularly far-reaching collecting trip where my co-collector and collaborator Maribeth and I drove close to 15,000 miles to hunt down Castilleja. She made some really great videos of our experience. Here's the Great Basin portion ...


...and here's the Alaska part of the trip. Really great!

Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria

Very cool (and useful!) place to access specimen data and high resolution images from millions of specimens housed in Pacific Northwest herbaria.

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